About us

Over the decades NMI has grown from a small firm focused on skip tracing and surveillance to a full service one stop shop for all pre-litigation and litigation investigation needs. Some of NMI’s current specialties include identification of environmental factors that contributed to a catastrophic illness, identifying and interviewing witnesses to events that occurred decades ago, and creation of winning investigation plans for clients pressed for time. NMI’s staff is trained to handle emotionally sensitive interviews, rules of evidence, due diligence, and most importantly to respond promptly to our client.

When counsel contacts us, we understand the goal for the investigation is not always clear. NMI’s years of experience provide our clients with a solid base upon which we can work together to build a winning case. Our firm has a working knowledge of the litigation process which uniquely situates us to work with a client in developing investigation plans for human resource audits, depositions, negotiations, and trial. NMI staff has testified in multiple administrative hearings and are capable of providing persuasive but succinct testimony to help win our client’s case.

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