Neilson & MacRitchie Investigators

Neilson & MacRitchie Investigators, based in San Francisco, California, provides a wide range of nationwide investigative services. Since 1953, Neilson and MacRitchie has performed plaintiff work for both individual parties and in class action litigation, as well as defense work for all major nationwide insurance carriers and various Fortune 500 companies. To submit a case, click here. To contact us or read more about our services, please scroll through our menu options.


Our Services

Neilson and MacRitchie Investigators provides nationwide coverage for all your investigative needs, including asbestos/toxic tort, rent control, and background investigations, to name a few. We also work extensively with law firms and have a wide range of coverage and expertise to assist in all your cases.


Nationwide Coverage

Neilson and MacRitchie provides nationwide coverage for all of your investigative needs, including asbestos investigation, rent control, and background investigations, to name a few.


Neilson and MacRitchie provides services for all of your investigative needs, but specializes in asbestos investigation, rent control and background investigations.

Asbestos / Toxic Tort Investigation:

Neilson & MacRitchie Investigators has over 20 years of experience in designing and executing investigations for dozens of friction and non-friction asbestos defendants in excess of 1000 cases venued and investigated throughout the US.

Rent Control:

Extensive experience in principal and permanent place of residence matters in San Francisco and Alameda Counties. Neilson & MacRitchie Investigators has investigated hundreds of such matters and presented testimony before the San Francisco and Alameda County Rent Boards in more than 80 cases.

Background Investigations:

Neilson & MacRitchie Investigators has performed many complex and limited background investigations on individuals and businesses since 1953. We have access to a wide range of resources and techniques in conducting any type of background check.